Essay about Qatar 's Business Culture Of Qatar

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Qatar’s Business Culture
According to Cavusgil et al., culture refers to the set of norms, values, beliefs, ideas, and customs, which an individual abides by. People are socialized into culture. Thus, venturing into different cultures without adequate preparation can be just as dangerous as a ship maneuvering icy waters without charts, hoping to be lucky enough to avoid hitting an iceberg. Companies who seek to internationalize must thoroughly understand the host country’s laws, social, and business practices. In the case of Qatar, foreigners are expected to be respectful of the rules associated with their Islamic faith when in the presence of Qataris. This expectation can be view as acculturation; wherein the foreigner adjusts and adapts to a culture other than their own by socialization (Cavusgil et al., 118).
Negotiations. It is important to note that, the official language of Qatar is Arabic, however, business is conducted in English. This is highly due to the fact that four-fifths of their workforce is comprised of expatriates. Once the foreign party arrives, they are to shake the hands of the eldest Qatari in the room, addressing them by their professional title (ex. Haji or Sheikh), and presenting an elaborate gift. Traditional perfume is highly valued as a gift by Arabic men. However, one should avoid giving anything containing alcohol or made of pigskin. Due to their propensity to avoid risk, negotiations are conducted very slowly. Foreign firms are required to…

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