Qantas Case Study: Environmental Factors Affecting Qantas Hr Managers

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Which environmental factors will have the greatest impact on HR planning in the next five years for Qantas?

QANTAS 5 year plan-

Introduction – the 5 Year Plan

In a press release regarding Qantas’s future in August 2011, CEO Alan Joyce stated that Q’s 5-year plan began firstly by “returning Qantas to profitability”, and the hope that revenue will “exceed the cost of capital on a sustainable basis”.[1] Joyce’s plan is premised on four pillars: Opening gateways around the world, growth in Asia, being best for global travelers, and creating shareholder value.[2] As an industry in which personnel separates one company from its competitors,[3] and one with an ever-changing internal and external environment, human resource (HR) managers
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Using their sophisticated HR information systems and a quantitative approach[19] to HR planning focusing on trend projection and econometric modeling, Qantas realised that over 900,000 Australians travel to the USA annually, and operated as one of their most crucial hubs. In response to this, Qantas opened up a new route between Australia and Dallas, which tipped the number over 1million last year.[20] The planning for this was extensive, and involved HR not only identifying the emerging market, but also facilitating the hiring and training of pilots, groundstaff and air hosts both locally, and in the US.

• Have shown that to manage costs, considering outsourcing all ground handling jobs to lower labour costs. • Rising Aussie dollar vs. the greenback – opening gateway into Dallas and creating more routes to accommodate the out flux of Australian travelers o HR here was a strategic planner, as the company sought to take advantage of situation and needed appropriate

Social Factors

Although not a public airline, Qantas is regularly seen as, and promotes itself to be, ‘Australia’s Airline’. Thus social perception, both internal and external to the organization, is important to Qantas to ensure favourability with the Australian public as the airline of choice.

Over the next 5 years, Qantas must look to rebuild its

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