Pyscine Edison And Piscine Patel: Life Of Pi

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Piscine Patel, a young teen from India, has an unexpected journey with failure and accomplishment involved. Thomas Edison, a young inventor from the late 1800’s, went through many struggles and triumphs in his process of inventing the lightbulb. Piscine and Edison both followed a similar path that soon led to them both being successful. As they were working towards that goal, errors, mistakes, and trouble occurred. Trying hard enough should, in the end, led you to success. Thomas Edison and Piscine Patel from Life of Pi both had a similar path that involved failure, progression, and ideas that helped them reach their goals of success.
Edison is like Patel because he also would not stop at failure until his success was reached. Patel came across several struggles, one major one was to keep surviving despite the hallucination he was having on the lifeboat. “I woke up with a gasp. Someone was there! This voice coming to my ears was neither a wind with an accent nor an animal speaking up. It was someone else!” (Martel, 2001, p. 133). Through this quote, we can see how Patel thought there was another figure nearby, but it is nothing but the ocean surrounding him. Edison also has the same struggle, instead of thinking he found someone else like Patel, he thought he found a solution to the light bulb. As Thomas Edison said during his time trying to invent, “I speak without
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Both men didn’t let go of their goal, which when you do have a goal you should not deny the process to get there. Patel and Edison are a brilliant example of this because their journeys were different but they both had to accomplish a goal.
Everyone can learn something from these men's journey, and the top idea is that no matter the goal or dream you can accomplish it. Failure will definitely occur before accomplishment but that is just part of the

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