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The drug of choice is a drug called whoonga, this is mixed with the daga and smoked. The whoonga contains arv's, the waste from heroin, rat poison and ammonia. Lately it has been discovered that tik or crystal meth has been added to the mix. Whoonga is highly addictive even after one hit(smoking it just once) there might be violent side effects. Some of the side effects are anxiety, aggression and stomach cramps. Withdrawal symptoms are both cravings and body pains and are relieved by a fresh dose of the drug. The stomach cramps are so intense that a few users have reportedly died from the acute pain. One hit of this drug costs around R20 but a user will need many per day.
I am employed as a teacher at one of the high schools in my area and I have witnessed a healthy learner from one of my classes deteriorate over the last one and a half years. He first started doing badly at school and his grades dropped, he would be absent from school alot, he lost a lot of weight and his physical appearance changed as well as his hygiene, he eventually dropped out. I see him in the area, he hangs out on the street together with his brothers whom he smokes with. He was arrested recently for theft and there is now an ongoing case. When I spoke to this child who has now turned 18, it was clear that he wanted help but didn't know who to turn to, he told me that he could not come to school because of the cramps, he said that he had tried but could not stay at school for more than

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