Pwcs 27: Understand Health And Safety

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[PWCS 27] Understand health and safety in social care settings

1. Understand the different responsibilities relating to health and safety in social care settings.
1.1 List legislation relating to general health and safety in a social care setting.
• Health and safety at work Act 1974
• The regulatory reform order 2005
• Care Standard Act 2000
• Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrence’s regulations 2013
• Environmental Protection Act 1990
• The management of health and safety at work regulations 1999.
• Manual handling operations regulations 1992
1.2 Describe the main points of health and safety policies and procedures.
The most important thing about health & safety policies & procedures are to keep everyone safe & also to
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• First Aid
• Quick response team role – This can be done once completing the Management of Aggression & Violence course

1.5 Describe how to access additional support and information relating to health and safety.
In my role as an Mental Healthcare Assistant, there are a variety of ways I could access additional support & information regarding health & safety in the work place, such as;
Intranet – This is found on the default homepage on the internet browser. The intranet is full of information regarding anything related to my role & also other job roles that are based in my work place.
Colleagues – Asking colleagues is a good way to find out any information about policies & procedures. They can also give advice on good health & safety matters for instance to be weary on where you are sitting in a room with a certain service user.

2. Understand the use of risk assessments in relation to health and safety.
2.1 Define what is meant by “hazard” and “risk”.
A hazard is any source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effects on something or someone under certain conditions at work. An example of an hazard is there was a water spillage on the
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Describe how to use a health and safety risk assessment.
There is a widely used risk assessment table that often looks like the one below. On this table you would assess the likely hood of an incident taking place & also the severity of the incident.
Another risk assessment that can be done is that each individual is risk assessed. When a patient is first admitted to a new ward, they will be assessed by their primary nurses & this will determine what things they can & can’t do. For instance, if someone has previous history of self-harming, they may not be allowed to have razor access to have a shave unless they are supervised by a member of staff.
2.3 Explain how and when to report potential health and safety risks that have been identified.
Any potential health & safety risks would be reported to the nurse in charge of the shift & also immediately to the ward manager upon finding any potential health & safety risks. An example of this is that everyday checks are done throughout the ward & anything that may be a risk or may be broken or need repairing will be reported.
2.4 Describe how risk assessment can help address dilemmas between an individual’s rights and health and safety

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