Putting The Best Selfie Forward Essay

1221 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Putting the Best Selfie Forward College students today are facing many challenges that were not present previously in college life. College students are more disconnected from the present and are suffering mentally, resulting in an inability to take a step back and develop meaningful relationships. Too much time on social media can lead to depression and anxiety enables the inevitable social comparison between one 's life and others. Students are also feeling the pressure to appear perfect to society, both socially and academically. Snapchat however, brings happiness to its users due to its impromptu nature. Even though social media does have its drawbacks, these sites do allow for greater connection to friends and family, especially when distance is a factor. College students experience a massive change coming to college for the first time. Leaving behind family and friends that have been present in one 's entire life is never easy, but the added stress of making new friends and socializing in a larger setting than ever before is even more daunting. Students in turn are looking to social media to alleviate the anxiety by keeping up with friends back home. In the worst cases, college students are suffering from the "fear of missing out", (Tolly) causing even more stress. Seeing once close friends on Facebook posting about events you were not invited to never leads to any good feelings, but dwelling on that initial twinge of jealousy "can lead to symptoms of…

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