Putting Many Kinds Of Learning Essay

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Putting variety in our teaching
Benjamin Franklin stated "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand." This saying states the simple truths of learning that teachers have sadly lost while following methods and ideas like common core program. Adults in charge of schools have forgotten all over the world that kids and teenagers don’t automatically adapt perfect critical thinking skills.We need a variety of different ways in which to teach others.To achieve maximum learning we need to include critical thinking, creativity, and good communication in all our teaching methods.
We often hear the complaint from high schoolers who are about to graduate that they 're not learning what they need in order to live on their own. Although we can 't teach them all they might encounter, we can teach students how to learn and intake information like adults.With better, more open paths in our education children can not only become more interested in learning, but also understand real world problems that they might encounter. Using problems that have more than one answer, can demonstrate that there 's very rarely one answer to life 's challenges. We often assume that through proper testing and lecturing we will remember material. However, if we look closer at those with proper studying habits, we see notebooks, graphs, drawings, illustrations, and even songs built to help the student engage him/herself in the material. These people want to not only want to…

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