Migration Of Ogbomosho Idigene

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3.1 Factors Responsible For the Migration of Ogbomosho Indigene. There are various views on the factors that prompted migration .The economist believed that economic determinants are the basic reasons for migration, while others feel that a host of intervening factors are also responsible in the decision to migrate. According to this research work, Ogbomosho people migrate mainly for social, political, economic and religions reasons1. However, experts who study Migration tends to see migration flows as a combination

of push and pull factors: Push factors include negative conditions in one’s country that make

movement inevitable e.g. loss of jobs, lack of jobs, lack of carrier, opportunities, ethnic

conflicts, over population, hunger, famine and war. For example,
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Pull factors involve, promise of political freedom and other countries perceived to exist at the new location e.g. better career opportunities, brighter social economic and educational opportunities2. The decision to migrate is based on a person’s evaluation.
However, there are two main perspectives on the theories of migration, economic and non-economic determinants of migration. It is important to note that the Migration of Ogbomosho people to other part of the country and beyond started in 1880s immediately after the cessation of hostilities in Yoruba land and imposition of British colonial rule on Nigeria particularly Ogbomosho people. However migration became well noticed in Ogbomosho after the deportation in 1969 when most of Ogbomosho emigrants were deprived of their properties but in order to ensure the continuity of socio-political status and standard of living some of them relocated to other parts of Nigeria such as Kano, Kaduna, Jos, Zaria, Lagos, Ilorin3 etc.

3.2 Religious

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