Pursuing My Educational Doctorate At Drexel University Essay

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When asked why I want to pursue my educational doctorate at Drexel University, I vividly recalled the day I registered for my first undergraduate college courses. I was completely overwhelmed and initially registered for courses that were not even applicable to the program I selected. As I pursued my undergraduate degree, I had the privilege to work with campus administrators in the Office of Student Activities, thanks to the recommendation of my advisor. I will be forever grateful for that opportunity as it sparked my interest in higher education and in student success. Additional positions as student ambassador and orientation leader provided me the opportunity to help students who were lost like I was on the first day, and assist in their transition into college. At the end of my sophomore year, I was elected into the position of Alumni Trustee at the County College of Morris (CCM). At 20 years old, I was providing a voice for the student body and participating in the mechanics of the college administration. This was the genesis of my intense interest into higher education administration. I diligently worked with mentors who guided me in the field and advised me to pursue my Master’s in Counseling with a concentration in higher education. That degree gave me the skills to effectively communicate with students and be an institutional asset. I continue to be passionate about academia and the career path I chose and am very eager to pursue my Ed.D. in Drexel’s Educational…

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