Pursuing Higher Education Or Working After High School Essay example

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We all made a lot of choices in life, whether or not is to study overnight for an exam or party all night. One of the biggest decisions I have to make in my life is to decide if I will be pursuing higher education or working after high school. I didn’t like school at all because I wasn’t a great test taker. I will be nervous when it comes to exam and not showing my true potential. In contrast, working does not require any sort of examination. During senior year of high school, I started interning in an information technology firm and gain some experience working in a corporate environment. I enjoyed working at the time because it is challenging and it is related to my interest. In addition, working can also relieve the financial pressure of my parents. It is hard to decide which path I should take. Should I follow my parents’ path of low education or create my own paths to walk on? Both of my parents came from a farming background. They have to give up on their education when they are 16 because of family conditions. During their generation, food and resources are limited to a family because the after effect of Chinese civil war. It is tough for their family to support them through starvation in the country, going for higher education is more than a dream for them. My great grandfather passes away when I was five; my parents took me to my great grandfather’s funeral. The name of the village is called Cihang. My parents and I had to walk a mile to get to the village because…

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