Pursuing A Professional Health Career Essay example

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Growing up in a Vietnamese family in America, the value of life is highlighted by working hard and knowing your roots. Stories about family hardship and history told from the older generation in my family are mostly ones of war. I have heard many different elements of war: war crimes, anticommunist sentiments, and the escape from Vietnam. Hearing these stories has always resonated with me, motivating me to work hard for the sacrifice of those before me. In that sense, I worked rigorously to provide myself an education from the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas and was excited about pursuing a professional health career. However, during my sophomore year I experienced a lapse in production. I attribute this lack in performance and concentration to grief from the passing of two of my closest family members both of whom told me many of the family stories. During that point, I was confused with the direction I wanted to go in but I began to reorganize my life and continued to work hard in my academic settings.
I had long had an interest in health-related studies, but wanted to explore the field to find a fit with my skills and interests. I reflected on what I’m strong at and what I wanted to do with my abilities. I enjoy working through abstract problems and the satisfaction that comes with discovering an effective solution. I have also found that I’m good with data sets and analysis and I have a good foundation in mathematical fundamentals. After…

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