Pursuing A Master Of Arts Essay example

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Pursuing a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at Georgetown University would forge me the opportunity to work alongside professionals, demonstrating profound research on the socio-political concerns related to the Middle East. My recent experience studying Arabic on a David L. Boren Scholarship in Amman, Jordan, has allowed me to obtain an intense level of Arabic language proficiency, with experience integrating the language into both research and professional development. While living in Amman, I served as an English language instructor to both Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Through my encounters working inside the refugee camps, I came to understand how the protracted crisis placed an economic burden on the Jordanian community. This concern allowed me to pursue solutions on ways to help alleviate the refugee crisis. I would be inspired to work alongside international organizations such as UNHCR and USAID to provide humanitarian solutions to refugees and state economies worldwide. Moreover, I would seek to end repression by providing countries with alternatives to employing refugees in local job sectors. Through analyzing the long-term effects of the refugee crisis, I have continued to pursue research on the role of Arab Tribes in the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts, the migration of refugees from Jordan to host communities, and the issues relating to the international security systems in the Persian Gulf.
My degree concentration will be vital to U.S. government positions such as a…

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