Pursuing A Higher Education Is Worth The Investment For Everyone Or Not?

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The question of whether pursuing a higher education is worth the investment for everyone or not does not really cross the minds of the majority of Americans today, but it may be an important one to ask. Many people think of college as a path to success and that everyone should attend, there still however, lies the opposing argument that it may just cause more harm than benefit. Being that American student debt is over one trillion dollars, with “two-thirds of students…graduating with an average student loan debt of over [twenty-five thousand] dollars,” some people think this is not worth it while others believe it eventually pays off for everybody (Johnson, Ostern, and White). Whether or not it’s the best choice for everyone to attend college is besides the fact that people will always argue about the topic. For example, former U.S secretary of Education William J. Bennett and Liberal Arts Graduate David Wilezol, although having college educations themselves, do not believe College is for everybody and expressed this in their book “Is College Worth It?” Mean while, Professor Philip Oreopoulos and Ph.D. candidate Uros Petronijevic, from the University of Toronto, disagree with them while having the belief that a higher education may even have a bigger impact on those who were not likely to pursue one in the first place and acknowledge this idea in their article Making College Worth it: A Review of the Returns to Higher Education. Not only do Oreopoulos and Petronijevic…

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