Pursuing A Degree For Pharmacy Essay

737 Words Jan 18th, 2016 3 Pages
As a child growing up in Bamenda, the capital of the North West Province in Cameroon, I witnessed at a very young age the devastating effects of the lack of adequate health care. The situation was further complicated by the illness of my grandmother who is the inspiration behind my desire to pursue a degree in pharmacy. Given our very close relationship, her illness gravely affected me. Initially, I guessed it was just old age, and she would get better, but the symptoms worsened overtime. Matters reached a peak one day when we were conversing and she could not remember my name.
As a loving grandparent and mentor to me, the thought of losing the conversations we had and her being unable to recognize me left me devastated. I therefore decided to dedicate myself to pursue a career that can help many like my grandmother. I want to help the millions of people here in the United States and around the world that lack access to affordable medical care. Pursuing a degree in pharmacy will give me the knowledge and clinical skills necessary for evidence-based practices in treating ailments such as Alzheimer 's disease. I will also learn about medical research skills that will enable me to be instrumental in studying the possible pharmaceutical solutions to different diseases.
Good health is essential in all communities as it enables individuals as well as their families to live worthy lives. I am grateful for the health care access I enjoy here in the U.S. and it is my dream that…

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