Pursuing A Career For The Nursing Profession Essay

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For me, deciding to pursue a career in the nursing profession was not as simple as it might have been for others. Many people can recall several members in their family having a medical occupation; I on the other hand do not. In fact, I am the first in my immediate family to attend a University. With that being said, there is no family path I am intended to follow which gives me a chance to chase a profession that I have a passion for. Furthermore, I am a firm believer in God placing you in situations to impact others’ lives while influencing yours. While still at a young age I had to watch my biggest hero, my Grandfather, immensely struggle with his health. Due to family financial problems, my parents had to move our family into my grandparents’ home; seeing him battle all of his health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, emphysema, peripheral arterial disease, diabetic neuropathy, and atrial fibrillation was heartbreaking at the time, but turned into one of the biggest blessings in my life. Every day I woke up with a passion to care for my grandpa, I would have all of his medication set out for him and would eagerly wait until he needed his next insulin shot, because I knew right after I injected the shot I would get to put a Band-Aid on his arm and kiss it to “make it feel better.” Even though I felt a deep urge for helping my biggest hero, it did not dawn on me that nursing was my passion until my Grandfather was in the hospital during his last few days. Due to…

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