Essay about Purpose Of My Career Goals

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My career goals are to work in healthcare administration with a focus on Medicare, government compliance, health insurance, and case management. The purpose of my career goal is to serve a greater population in a process I am proficient and enthusiastic about. My career choice is formulated by internal challenges, personal interests and skills sets, and integrating all three concepts into my work. I think that this approach allows an individual to find a path, formulate a plan, and envision themselves in their ideal role. Through personal experience internal challenge I think individuals step outside their comfort zone and formulate a greater goal. One example I can provide is joining the military; I found never originally imagined joining the military and then gained greater confidence after leaving the military. Matching interests with skills towards job skills leads an individual to imagine and rationalize their ideal career. However, this path is not without conflict. An individual must be able to use objectivity and assessment to define their interests, match it with their skills, and plan a vision for their future. Furthermore, gaining experience towards career goals is another obstacle; the process of finding relevant experiences is challenging and time consuming to obtain. I believe I have done my best to achieve my vision of career goals; I have gained cumulative life, work, and educational experience to envision a path for myself.

I am looking for an internship…

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