Purpose Of Marriage Essay

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Purpose of Marriage When I hear about people getting married, I always wonder why. Marriage is defined as the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a relationship. Some would say that marriage is when two people are committed to each other with love, truthfulness, and honesty. Others believe it takes a lot of hard work to maintain the intention of spending their lives together. Personally, marriage represents the legal solidification of a partnership between two people. I firmly believe that marriage is used for social advancement, whether it 's religiously, financially, or just to fit in because everyone else is getting married. To provide further evidence for my theory, I have found informative articles, an impressive video, a brochure, and, lastly, a song to try to find a reasonable explanation for why people insist on getting married. The internet is packed with historical information which can be used to shed some light on the modern day idea of marriage. The sexually exclusive, romantic unification of one man and one woman is a relatively new concept. For centuries, couples have banded together for organization, sexual control, and stability for children. However, these principles have been consummated differently around the world. Countries such as China, Africa, an even American Mormons practice polygamy, which allows the man to obtain multiple women. Polygamy is still highly prevalent in the Muslim culture today. In…

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