Purpose Of Government Essay

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The Purpose of Government

The Constitution is an amazing document that was an aspiration of the founding fathers and the included preamble outlines the freedoms they sought out. The preamble begins with “We the People of the United States…”, our founding fathers created a list of actions they wished to pursue within the beginning of the constitution. The dysfunctional colonies were inspired by their words and in turn become united for a new cause. Clearly, the government over seas wasn’t working efficiently so they embarked on the creation of a new form of government . The preamble, “ to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings
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Due to the oppression of the mother country, Britain, the colonies decided to branch off and create a new system of government. In order to stand out, they needed to be united as one and this wasn’t possible without an organized and structured society. Without the experimentation of the Article of Confederation and ultimately the Constitution the America that we treasure wouldn’t exist. Thanks to the brilliant thinkers of the time, we, as a nation aren’t being subjected to a king or ruled by another form of government. For example, the European Union is a confederate form of government with only their currency being shared, they are loosely connected. Unlike the EU America has strengthened its nation by joining forces with the states within its boundaries.The government has been relatively successful at creating or joining the states, states can also influence each other negatively or …show more content…
Most people would agree that the biggest threat that needs to be addressed is against potential attacks on native soil. In the founding fathers time defense to protect the people was not a concern of the British government, they were not concerned with the well being of others. They decided to address this issue because they wanted to be different than their former ruler. The book does a great job of explaining real world applications on this issue like current organizations set in place to better our system. Obviously this issue is still relevant because without defense, we’re left out to dry. Defense is vital for every nation or form of government because without it, there 's no way for its citizens to be safe and economy to prosper. For example, North Korea has a great defense system against other countries from invading, but with such strict rules and regulations its citizens do not feel safe due to their “government”. I believe our government has done a fairly successful job at creating an atmosphere for the American people to feel safe and created a solid defense system. We aren’t as restricted as other places in the world and our voice is allowed to be

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