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Register to read the introduction… The purpose of HTML is to supply a set of general rules that propose how content should look when delivered as a webpage. As the Internet grew in scale and users, HTML became the tool that allowed ease of access to resources and information. HTML originates from the Standard Generalised Markup Language (SCML), which is an international standard (ISO 8879) that was made available in 1986 as system for …show more content…
HTML uses a simple version of SGML’s to develop content and the vital inclusion of hypertext allows developers to define a semantic network of linking information (www.peachpit.com).

“HTML is a data format, not a programming language”(Shannon 2007 p 10). Appendix 1 shows basic HTML code and Appendix 2 shows the webpage as it is displayed on a browser platform from my own computer. The text code is saved as a html file (Wordpad in this case) and viewed through a browser (Internet Explorer). The browser reads the html file and translates it into a webpage with content. In order to write HTML it is important to use tags correctly, tags are simply the words that are placed in between the . Different tags perform various functions and do not appear when you view your page through a browser but the format requested via the tag does. The text below from Appendix 1 and 2 shows this formatting that allows for a heading: Code in Wordpad:

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There are a number of contenders for the honor of bearing the title of "first printed book in the world." The answer to this question is actually quite tricky, because it depends on what one means by "printing," and historical evidence strongly suggests that the identity of the first book in print will probably never be known, because it's unlikely that it survived to the present day. There is also a great deal of cultural bias in the answer to this question, as authorities commonly cite Western texts such as the Gutenberg Bible, when in fact the title most likely belongs to a book in Asia. The question of which book in Asia is still up for grabs.

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first printed book in the world

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