Purpose And Hypotheses Of The Pediatric Nurse Essay

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Purpose and Hypotheses of the Study The study by Mercedes Stanley and Deborah Pollard (2013) had three purposes. One was to examine the pediatric nurse’s ability and level knowledge to assess the management of pediatric pain. The second purpose of this study was to examine how a nurse’s prior experience would affect the attitude and ability to competently administer pediatric pain management to patients. A third purpose was to observe the level of self-efficacy among a group of North Carolina pediatric nurses in acute care. This study was conducted because the authors believed in the importance of pain management and they wanted to see how pediatric nurses managed patients pain. The authors also wanted to understand the cross-sectional correlation between knowledge versus self-efficiency and knowledge versus the nurse’s years of experience.
There were 25 registered nurses from two regional hospitals in North Carolina who participated in this study. Participants included 13 nurses from a hospital in western North Carolina and 12 nurses from a hospital in southeast North Carolina. Respondents of the study estimated that on average of 59.44% of their time was spent caring for patients who were in pain. Marjory if those who were involved in the survey were females. Of the 25 participants, there were 23 females and 2 males. Out of those 25 nurses, 21 of them worked full time. Only one of the nurses had a diploma in nursing, and nine of the nurses had a…

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