Essay on Puritans Influence on the Development of New England

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In the early 17th century there were massive amounts of Puritan immigrants coming from England in seek of religious freedom. They settled in New England and a majority of their population lived in Massachusetts Bay. In contrast to other English colonists, they came to North America to create a pure Christian society that emphasized the community and family aspects of life. Most other colonists, such as the ones living in the Chesapeake region, came to the New World in search of economic gain. In 1630 to the 1660’s, Puritan values and ideas had a considerable impact in New England on politics, by establishing a theocratic, authoritative political structure that demanded moral conformity, economy, by decreasing the importance of making money …show more content…
One of the main themes of the Puritan religion is family. The family unit was viewed as a very important part of raising children to be enlightened members of the Puritans ideal society. In contrast to the other colonial areas, where most colonists came from Europe as individuals, a lot of colonists immigrating to New England from England were families. This caused the gender ratio to be much more even than in other areas in the New World. The balanced gender ratio resulted in a much faster growing population. The community aspect of the Puritan religion led to the development of many many small towns and villages throughout New England, in which the colonists had common lands for animals to graze. The Puritans ideals and beliefs also dictated gender roles within the family, such as the father cutting down the wood while the mother stays at home, and affected daily life, because the Puritan ways led little room for having fun.
The Puritan colonists and their beliefs and ideals shaped the political infrastructure, the way the economy was run, and how the colonists lived their day to day life in New England. If the Puritans had not been there, the colonies in New England would have operated the same way as most of the other English colonies, but the Puritan presence made it unique to the rest of the English colonies for the different way it

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