Puritan Colonists During The Nineteenth Century Essay examples

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During the late Seventeenth century, Puritan colonists in New England were faced with a dilemma. As their population increased, the colonists wanted and needed more land. They began to view the natives in the area as an obstruction to their expansion. Due to the Puritans’ belief in their superiority over the natives, they were able to justify their harsh treatment of the natives which led to King Philip’s War. The Puritan colonists’ actions toward the natives were cruel and excessive and resulted in about 40% of New England’s Indian population being killed or forced to flee (Hart). Leading up to King Philip’s War, there had been no other major Indian wars for almost fifty years. During that period of time in the first part of the seventeenth century, the population of colonists grew rapidly, resulting in their need for more land. The Puritans felt it was their duty to convert the natives to Christianity. The Puritans also forced adherence to their judicial system on the natives. These factors resulted in a decrease in the size of the native’s population and land as well as a loss of cultural independence (Hart).
The execution of three of Chief Metacomet’s men by New England colonists was the immediate cause of King Philip’s War (Messina). In response, Chief Metacomet (also known as King Philip to the colonists) allied with many of the other tribes in the area and attacked the colonists in 1675 (Hart). After this initial attack, there were many skirmishes and massacres by…

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