The Crucible Act 1 Summary

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A. “The Crucible #1” (Act 1)
In the first Act of The Crucible, the author brings up religion a number of times. For example, they talk about Puritan and McCarthyism. In the beginning of the book, Betty a 10-year-old girl is in a deep sleep and they think it is because of an illness. Therefore, the family gets a doctor to come in and see Betty but the doctor says he did not find anything physically wrong with Betty. The Doctor tells them that they should start to consider supernatural forces. So, the family is very concerned to here this so they try to convince the doctor to keep looking for more medical reasons for the condition. Later that night, Abigail finds out that the rest of town has already found out about the situation. After Parris finds out that the whole town knows, he gets very upset because now he thinks that the rumor may be true. Parris begins to freak out even more because he does not want his enemies to
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Hale has changed quite a bit. Hale has returned to Salem so that he can pray for all the people that are about to be hanged. Hale has become more of an adviser to the court. Throughout act 4, he is always trying to make the court see reason. He mentions the threat of rebellion and refers to the confusion and chaos that have overtaken Salem. Rev. Hale attitude has change a lot since act 3. He is exhausted, and more direct that he has ever been. The reason being is because the depth of malice has overwhelmed him and what he believes is the courts foolishness. Rev. Hale also experiences guilt. He does not show the court respect as he had done before. He had become deeply immersed in fighting for those who have been accused. Toward the end of act 4, Rev. Hale wants to try to save the people because he knows they are innocent. In act 4, Hale’s mission is to stop the executions. Rev. Hale finally starts telling people to tell lies so they can save their own lives. By doing this, he loses credibility from

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