Purchase Of A Laptop Computer For The Software Of The Future Company

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This is a feasibility report on the purchase of a laptop computer for the Software of the Future Company. The Software of the Future Company owns numerous IBM PS/2 computers which are adequate for the needs of the company for use in the office. However, there are many occasions where a smaller, portable laptop computer would be very useful. There are many occasions where employees would like to take a computer with them to a customer 's office, either to a prospective customer 's office for demonstrations of past work or to a current customer 's office for demonstrations of work in process. There are also many occasions when it would be useful for employees to be able to take home a laptop computer with them for use in finishing work that is on a time schedule or for use when circumstances demand that they cannot come into work, but would be able to do some work while at home. The purchase of a laptop computer would need to take into consideration the following criteria:
IBM-PC AT - compatibility
Size of the machine, weight, portability, and battery power
RAM memory size of the machine, diskspace, disk drives
Quality and readability of the display screen
Cost of the machine
The laptop would need to be compatible with the IBM PS/2 computers in the office. This would mean that it would need to have a 3-1/2 inch microfloppy disk drive. The laptop would need to be small in size, light enough to be carried comfortably for extended amounts of time and have enough battery power to…

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