Purchase A Laptop Or Tablet Analysis

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Introduction First, this paper will discuss the main factors when deciding the to purchase a lap top or tablet. Next this paper will review three important characteristics of each that may influence your decision. After reviewing the characteristics that may influence you, this paper will recommend three best-selling tablets and laptops and decide which is best to purchase base off of what you need them for.
Main factors in deciding to Purchase a Laptop or Tablet Decision time, Gartner reports over 6.4 billion connected devices in 2016 (Meulen, 2015). A lot of choices for business and the consumer. The laptop is pure power, next is durability, individual laptop 's actual lifespan varies, on average a laptop will typically give you between three and five years of use (Williams, 2016). Familiarity of the device, people are just used to laptops, they feel safe. Consumes don’t have to learn anything new, it’s like taking their desk top with them when they travel. What reasons that would drive a consumer or business to a tablet? The first and main reason is portability. You don’t have to have any special carrying case.
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What are the characteristics of each feature that will have an impact on your decision? For the laptop, number one is memory. Because of the larger platform, the size of the box it can have more memory stored on board. Plus, you can expand the memory, more memory equal more multi-tasking. Laptops make it easier to run programs like office, Next feature is screen size, typical laptop screens sizes are larger than 17 inches. Laptops make it easier to open multiple windows and can handle multi-tasking. Add in the fact that you can replace the battery is another feature that makes laptops such a benefit for the consumer. Processer speed can help the consumer when multi-tasking is required when visiting customers. Additional hardware ports om the laptop is a huge benefit for

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