Puppy Mills Are Large Scale Commercial Dog Breeding Facilities

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Wet noses, wagging tails, soft paws, big-round eyes, and loving hearts are all qualities of the loving canines in our animal shelters. Millions of dogs enter our animal shelters, and millions of these lovable animals are put down in those shelters. These innocent animals, who would 've been amazing pets, are put down because people do not adopt when looking for a pet. While some will think that obtaining the loyal companionship a pet offers through a breeder is conflict-free, they are wrong. While there may be some conflict-free breeders, there are many, many, many, breeders who neglect and abuse their breeding dogs and their puppies. Many of the states in our country have no legal regulations for the breeders to follow when it come to the care of their dogs. Most of those breeders run puppy mills. Puppy mills are large scale commercial dog breeding facilities that are in abysmal shape with multiple dogs that are extremely neglected. Multiple dogs are forced together in a small kennels filled with dirt and feces, stacked on top of each other, fighting for what little food and water there is.
It is society 's obsessive need to dictate specific traits to specific dog breeds, and the resulting desire for purebred dogs that increases business for breeders who specialize in purebred dogs. Every individual dog has it’s own personality and their own unique gift to give to a family. If someone wants a dog with a certain personality trait, for instance an inactive dog, don 't…

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