Essay on Punk And The Punk Movement

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“A youth movement of the late 70’s characterized by anti-establishment slogans and outrageous clothes and hairstyles” , is the definition of punk in the Collins English dictionary. And yet it also defines it as “An inferior, rotten or worthless person or thing” . Which one of these definitions truly defines the punk movement and the people who listened to the music and followed the fashion? The key aspect discussed will be what punk represented, what it stood for alongside who it represented in society and how it helped causes and issues surrounding youths in the late seventies.

Punk was depicted as a predominantly working class movement. Even though punk emerged from the fashion boutiques and art schools of London, it was interpreted by the working class youths as a genre of music and fashion style attuned to the hardships they encountered at home, school and in the workplace . According to Paul Bradshaw’s prediction, by June 1976 there would be new forms of culture to express the problems facing youth, specifically through music , which materialized through the punk movement becoming working class to it’s core as the youths tired of having no voice to protest about unemployment and other nonsense fed to them by the establishment . These factors contributed to working class youths utilizing the connection between class and popular music, epitomizing class in short songs with a backbeat that tapped into the consciousness of those that attended gigs and brought the…

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