Punishments For Bullying

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Do you get bullied? Have you seen other kids get bullied? Do you think the bullies get the right punishment? Many think bullies get off too lightly. There should be harsher punishments for bullying. By researching different types of bullying, like verbal, physical and cyber bullying, and the consequences for the bully, it is clear there should be harsher punishments for bullying. The first type of bullying is verbal bullying. Verbal Bullying is saying or writing mean things to another person. This is the most common type of bullying (Facts about Bullying). It can happen anywhere like school, on the playground or on the bus ride home. It can cause a kid to have low self esteem, depression or even commit suicide . Approximately 40% of middle school students say that they have been bullied by either name calling or teasing (Facts about Bullying).
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Giving a kid who bullied someone a harsher punishment is not going to make him stop bullying, it may even cause it to get worse because it is not addressing the source of the problem. In order to stop bullying, the cause needs to be found and then intervention and education needs to be provided to help change the behavior. One can see where the other side is coming from, but to see any change in bullying, harsher punishments need to be given. It would let the kids know that bullying is not going to be tolerated at all. 160,000 teens skip school everyday because they are getting bullied (Facts about Bullying). Also, kids who are bullied are 9 times more likely to consider suicide (Facts about Bullying). It’s likely that if harsher punishments are given out for bullying these kids might not miss school because they feel like school is safer and it could lower the number of kids who consider suicide because they will be getting bullied

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