Punishment Research Paper

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Punishment Research Paper
Megan Marie Kayser
University of Phoenix
June 12, 2011
Patrice Jackson SOC/120

Punishment Research Paper There have been four types of justification for punishment throughout the years of society. From older punishments such as retribution to more modern punishments like societal protection, all have been put in place to protect society and to punish individuals for their deviant acts. To find out which type of justification for punishment is most effective, one needs to know how each work and the impact these punishments have on society. The first and oldest type of justification for punishment is retribution. An eye for an eye is the best example of retribution. The idea of this type of punishment
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Hangings, shooting lines, and mutilations were just some forms of punishment that were displayed for everyone to see. This was a form of general deterrence; punishing one person to serve as an example to others. Another form of deterrence is specific deterrence, what tries to convince one person that crime is not the way to go. In today’s world, fear of imprisonment most often will deter people away from deviant acts. Another area that deters people from committing crimes in today’s society is by fear of having a criminal record, which will affect employment and other things that society may look down on. Deterring sends a message to people that they would get in trouble if the commit crimes. One thing that was not present in the 18th century was rehabilitation; this was brought up in the 19th century. The idea of rehabilitation is to change how an offender may act into a more socially acceptable individual. Since some people were taught how to be bad or deviant, they’re thinking can be altered into learning how to do the right thing through rehabilitation. Just like a drug addict thinks they need drugs to live or function properly, some criminals think they need to commit deviant acts no matter what society thinks of them. Both need rehabilitation to change the way they think. Just like deterrence, rehabilitation tries to form the way people act so they can continue

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