Punishment Death Penalty

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After considering lot of information on the death penalty, I have came to the conclusion that I agree with this punishment under certain circumstances. I have supporting statements that justifies as to why I would support such a said to be “harsh” punishment in some eyes. My first supporting statement would be that punishment is a consequence individuals should receive of inflicted harm to the degree in which they inflicted harm on another. Others may argue that we should not purposely inflict harm onto others, but the circumstances all boil down to a matter of justice. Justice would be given as such, if you are to harm another then you are to be harmed. I feel as if punishment is vital in keeping society civil. Punishment can provide a sense of comfort and relief to victims who have been inflicted with unjust crimes. Without punishment our streets would be more crime filled and we would all have to live in a constant fear of becoming a victim at any second. With punishments such as the death penalty and locking criminals up we feel a …show more content…
Everyone is etitled to thier own rights, and aloud to have thier own personalities. This means that eveyone is capable of making thier own decision, a rational human being. Murderers treat people “as an end” for their own benefit. When choosing to inflict such harm, they remain accountable for this harm. These people have freely chosen to endorse such evil wickedness and must suffer the consequences for their harmful actions. Morality also comes into play when looking over the death penalty. Some humans such as Ansecombe, may believe that no matter what circumstance a life should not purposedly be taken or harmed. This statment relies on faith and not fact. I believe that we must look into fact, and that the death penalty provides humans as free moral actors providing thier own destiny whether that be for the good or for

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