Should Students Get Paid To Go To School

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Students getting paid to go to school sounds like an amazing incentive for the students and majority of parents, but for some teachers, it’s an outrageous idea. Students shouldn’t get paid for something they are expected to do, especially if it will help them in the future to actually work for what they will earn. Imagine being a parent of a 15-year-old child who comes home with one hundred dollars just from making straight A’s on his/her report card. With that money he/she could start saving for college. Who wouldn’t want their child to bring home money without having to actually go out and find a job? Either way, paying students to care about their school work is an appalling scheme.
Students would be able to buy their own wants like candy, shoes, clothes, movies, music, and etc.; instead of asking parents for money all the time. Parents could teach their kids to save their money instead of letting them spend it all in one place. Students could start to save for college, and learn about real world finances at a young age. In an episode of Dr. Phil, Susan Beacham talks about “Kids today will need to know how to deal with the impact of our new economy. They will need to know how to delay
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Instead of challenging themselves or actually doing their own work, students would plagiarize other students assignments to get the good grades; kids would not get the real meaning of working for what they earn. Students will only start to focus on the external reward instead of the real reward of an education. "By rewarding people for a GPA, you 're actually giving them an impetus to take an easier route through college." (Fitzpatrick). Critics believe that paying kids in high school for their grades would just set them up for failure when they reach college. Students should understand that when they reach college they will be paying for their education not receiving cash for

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