`` Pulp `` By Charles Bukowski Essay

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Charles Bukowski’s fiction novel, Pulp, is a cunning tale of a personal investigator who must leap through many strange obstacles in order to escape death. Christopher Friesen, a writer for The Thrilling Detective, wrote a review evaluating the value of Bukowski’s writing. Friesen is incorrect in his perception that Pulp is written poorly and that Nick Belane’s alcoholism lacks meaning; to the contrary, the novel is replete with underlying symbolism and literary merit.

In Bukowski’s mystery novel, Nick Belane thinks of himself as, “the best dick in L.A.,” (Bukowski 37), who can solve complex detective cases at a steep price of six dollars an hour. He is constantly trying to find his next fix of alcohol and picks fights at every bar he steps into. His main cases involve the Red Sparrow, Celine, Cindy Bass, and Jeannie Nitro. He eventually solves all of the aforementioned cases except the vexing of the Red Sparrow. The bird continues to haunt him until it ultimately leads to his demise. Belane gets murdered for not meeting the deadline to pay six hundred dollars to con men, whom tricked Belane into thinking he found the Red Sparrow. This action-packed novel delves into topics that are in stark contrast to its rather sarcastic tone.
Pulp explores many dark themes to cleverly portray the struggles of personal investigator, Nick Belane. The main theme introduced in the novel is: most people have a difficult time accepting their mortality. The concept of death is woven…

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