Pullman And Pullman 's Factory Essay

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The town of Pullman was created to house the workers for Pullman’s factory. It seemed to be a utopia. Every family was equal and almost everything was provided for them by Pullman. The only problem was that the citizens of Pullman had no choice to do as they pleased. Their whole life was controlled by Pullman. They could not do anything to avoid being manipulated. They were defenseless to any pay cut by the factory. They had no control over themselves because they had no superior representative that could protect them. They we all equal. The people that controlled them like Pullman and his organizers of the town did not care about their wellbeing they could control them. Pullman could be having a feast while the workers staved and Pullman would not care. The people could not cause a change on their own they had to form together and try to force changes with strikes and form unions. The government does not care about the workers. They only like Pullman the man with the money, the man will the power to do real things. The workers could not leave they had nowhere to go. Pullman had to create a better environment for his workers and needed to stop being greedy, he needed to distribute his wealth. Pullman tried to defend his company against Commissioner Worthington. Pullman tried to defend his philosophy of running his company be saying that man should be able to run his company and way he wants to. He claims that it is based on principle. Would he rather follow his philosophy of…

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