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July 7, 2011
Should Puerto Rico Become the 51st State?

Should Puerto Rico become the union’s 51st state?
Puerto Rico has been under US sovereignty since the Spanish American War in 1898, where United States gained territorial control of Puerto Rico, along with Philippines and Guam. Since this time, United States and Puerto Rico have engaged in a very peculiar relationship; and to this date, Puerto Rico remains a territory. In 1917, part of the Jones-Shafroth act, the United States Congress granted the people of Puerto Rico US citizenship, the right to have an elected state senate, established a Bill of Rights, and authorized the election of a Resident
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This would open more jobs and would help to stabilize the growing deficit the island currently has. By becoming a state, Puerto Rico would also enjoy certain benefits of United States’ high per capita income and at times low unemployment rate (currently the unemployment rate in Puerto Rico is 16.9% as of April 2011, the highest in America [ (Economy at glance, Puerto Rico, 2011) ]. Some of the advantages for United States Corporations are found in the possibility of expanding their business to the island without the international clauses. For example, electric companies could look into setting different energy plants, and compete for the island’s business since currently most of the utilities on the island are provided by the government in a semi-nationalized way.
Politically, there are a number of advantages that Puerto Rico will experience in becoming a State. For the first time in Puerto Rico’s history, they would have a voice in Congress, with five to seven representatives and two senators. Currently, Puerto Rico has a Resident Commissioner with a “voice” but no vote. Also, becoming a State would remove the island from the Territorial claws of the United States Constitution and would grant Puerto Rico the same political importance as all other 50 states.
There are some negatives that the island has to take in consideration when making this decision. One of the reasons the idea of statehood could be argued is the rise of cost of living in the

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