Puerto Rico And Its Present Form Of Territorial Status Essay

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Progression of a nation, which is the dream of every elected official and citizen of any country is seen as right for the pursuit of a sustainable nation. However, Puerto Rico hasn’t been going forward Since being ruled by the Spaniards and after the Spanish American war in 1898 the US gained control of Puerto Rico and it was back to page one. Puerto Rico has been called a territory, the last colony, and some officials call it Estado liberated Asociado, in English a Free Associated State. They are not considered part of the United States even though they are given citizenship. Puerto Rico has not progressed since they do not have there own legislature, and an appointed official from the United States would decide if it gets approved. In the 2012 election Puerto Rico had a decision to make. The first question stated, “Do you agree that Puerto Rico should continue to have its present form of territorial status.” While the second question asks, “Please mark which of the following on-territorial options would you prefers.” However, no true majority according to the ballot counters. The decision of where the country would be headed ended in an awkward position, which was viewed as no solution. As 2016 approaches the Puerto Rican people will have another chance to change the course of the future of the nation for the generations to come for the generation who have wanted change and that will come from independence.
With the majority stating that statehood is the way to go by the…

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