Puerto Ricans And The United States Essay

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Puerto Ricans and The United States.
The United States of America since its early days has been the target of mass immigration from all around the world. The promise of the new land, the freedom, and the great nation, was the perfect attraction to many immigrants that migrated for various reasons like a better life, freedom, safety, among others. Out of all the immigrant groups that have historically found their way into the United States of America, Puerto Ricans are a particular case. With the acquisition of Puerto Rico as a commonwealth and the provision of U.S citizenship to the Puerto Ricans, the U.S. opened the doors for free immigration. This was the startup of a long-term battle for the Puerto Ricans that has drastically affected their identity as well as their political views and the way they participate in the political process.
The United States acquired the island of Puerto Rico from Spain at the end of the Spanish-American war in 1898 (Akiboh, 2015). Puerto Ricans, who endured for many years the colonization of the Spanish, initially received the idea that the U.S intended no to rule or colonize over their island but to aid them and help them become a prosperous nation. Although Puerto Ricans are considered to be part of the Hispanic or Latino ethnic groups, they were granted U.S citizenship in 1900, years after the U.S gained control over the island. The immigration from Puerto Rico to the U.S was noticeable since the nineteenth century, but after the…

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