Public Universities And Private Schools Essay

738 Words Dec 5th, 2016 3 Pages
The major difference between public universities and private colleges is in how they are funded. This affects private college students because funding is tied to tuition prices and state governments pay for most of the cost of operating public universities. They also oversee these institutions through an appointed board of trustees. Private and public universities have many similarities and differences. Starting in admissions, both kinds of universities have similar minimum high school course, standardized test, and class rank requirements for applicants. Applications for enrollment to public universities exceed private universities. When it comes to acceptance, private universities have a higher rate than public universities due to the overcrowding on public campuses.
On the cost of going to a university, private campuses are very expensive compared to the public universities. This cost is said to finance better facilities and staff, but you can argue that public campuses have as good if not better facilities and staff also. The scholarships available to pay for the cost in both kinds of universities are more or less the same. The student community is an integral part of most private colleges. This can be difficult for more independent students who prefer a less hands on approach. The students communicate closely with professors both in and out of class and the students themselves attempt to involve everyone in campus activities. Involvement in the student community is one…

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