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Types of Expedition Assignment 1
Our public services and the general public undertake a wide variety of expeditions for a wide variety of reasons. Now you have watched videos of two different types of expedition discuss these expeditions in your groups, compile your opinions and explain them, on the following points.
Expedition 1
Name of the expedition: Royal Marines polar quest. * Royal Marine’s polar quest. This expedition is a great example of team effort within a military expedition. The Royal Marines and Navy planned and achieved a 2600Km ski and kiting trek to the South Pole and also a return journey; this took place in November of 2006. The services planned this expedition to break the following records, to be the first
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However the used the methods also for a return journey which made the expedition the longest on record.

Now you have reviewed the above points in your groups, compare and contrast the two expeditions using the same headings.

Similarities Differences

Types of Expedition Assignment 1
Expedition 2
Name of the expedition * The type of expedition (individual, group/team, corporate, students, disaffected youth, educational or military). * * The most famous person of inspiration is Dame Ellen Macarthur; she was born on the 8th * of July 1976 in Matlock Derbyshire. Her individual expedition that she set out to achieve was sailing all the way around the world single handily in a record breaking time. Dame Ellen started the expedition on 24th of November 2004 and completed the expedition on 7th
Of February in 71 days 14 hours 18 minutes and 33seconds in 2005, this was a great personal achievement for herself and for her country which resulted in her being knighted as Dame Ellen Macarthur on the following day of breaking the record.

* The Area of the expedition (location; is it local, regional, national or international)

This expedition would cover them all because she was sailing all around the world which would result into her covering and going by anything local, regional and international. This took her 71 days to achieve to cover all the world.

* Aims of the expedition

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