Public Schools Vs. Education Essay

1532 Words May 10th, 2016 null Page
We live in a world where someone can sit at a desk all day and make a six figure salary while there are people who do physically and mentally taxing, backbreaking work for forty or more hours per week and still not be able to feed their families. These people could have come from the same neighborhood and gone to the same schools, had the same grades, even, but one went to Harvard and the other could not afford or decided not to pursue higher education. Is it fair? No. But that is life in today 's America. Employers look for who has the best education or personal connections than considering someone who is less educated and connected even if they would be the better man for the job. We stress the importance of a good education, but the best schools are expensive to attend and community college students are sneered at. Public schools are ridiculously underfunded and education has become teaching kids how to take tests to get the school funding instead of actually learning. An actor can make millions of dollars for a single movie while the average middle class American would have to slave away for their entire life to match what they make off of a movie or two. Some people never work a day in their lives, while others start young and never stop. "Not being in debt" was the answer to 24% of survey takers definition of the American dream (McClelland, pg.553). Maybe we will never have real income equality in a capitalist nation; especially when there are so many loopholes so that…

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