Public Schools Is Not A Martial Arts Essay

1041 Words Dec 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Another view those that may initially be opposed to jiu jitsu in public schools is that it encourages violence. Some people may think that jiu jitsu teaches people to be more efficiently violent, and we should not teach our youths this martial art. However, Jiu jitsu, much like many other martial arts, is not a martial art that the purpose and intention of learning is violence or inflicting harm upon others. Contrary to this, people who train jiu jitsu often learn when to defend themselves should they be put in a situation where self-defense is necessary, and otherwise people implicitly learn other more valuable ways resolve issues rather than through violence. Many people outside of the martial arts communities may view martial arts as being a way to teach people how to fight, and view martial arts in general as violent and aggressive. Mark Wargo conducted a study using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory to see if there were any psychopathologies that were a part of martial arts that contradicted the claims of martial artists that there are many positive mental benefits to training a martial art. The studied showed that although people may be trained in a sport that can be considered aggressive, it doesn 't have the correlation or causation shown to be the source of a person 's individual aggression. In addition to not being the source of aggression, while nearly all martial arts do teach the skills of how to fight, and theoretically how to inflict injury…

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