Essay about Public Schools At North Carolina

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Stop Saying That the Public Schools in North Carolina Are Awful
There are always teenagers complaining about the certain things they do not like about their schools; for example, if their next class is far away from the one they are now, if the school’s bus is late almost every day, or for what reason do they have to go to school if they do not want? I understand not everybody in North Carolina likes the way in how the public schools in this state work, but if we focus more on their good side like their installations, services, and educational system, we will find how wonderful these schools are.
First, the installations of the public schools in North Carolina are not as bad as many of all us think. As a foreign student, I have had the opportunity to see the differences between the public schools in Mexico City and those in North Carolina, and I have found that the ones in this state are awesome. The public schools in this state are big enough that the government does not need to divide all the students into two shifts, which is wonderful because I am sure not everybody will like to take classes on an afternoon shift and get out from school around 8:00 or 9:00 pm and miss the opportunity to work or spend time with friends. Besides being big, these schools are enjoyable. They have an ample yard full of a brilliant green grass, short and tall trees, and some flowers; that students can appreciate during their breakfast, lunch, and in some cases from their classrooms.

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