Public Schools And The Public School System Essay

1087 Words Nov 18th, 2014 null Page
The public school system in America has defects in the structure for sure, and as a result, many families have turned to homeschooling as the answer. Public schools are placing greater emphasis on core standards and one-size-fits-all model, resulting in gaps the system. Many students, especially the gifted and struggling, will find themselves with failing grades or dropping out. For this reason, a growing number of parents are concerned regarding the safety and the environment of the students in the public schools and playground politics, which is affected by the negative peer pressure and lack of supervision. The public school classrooms are being filled to the maximum capacity and the teachers are unable to provide more of the in-depth instruction the students need. Parents want to provide their child with a more flexible, creative, and engaging classroom. As a result of our failing public schools, many families are now successfully homeschooling their children, and in this article, the focus will be on why homeschooling is effective. First off, the curriculum is import because it results in how well the child understands what is being taught. The public schools Common Core Standards is constructed to deliver consistent and concise understanding of the studies, hence, bringing the attention to where the student may need further guidance. However, this has resulted in a lack of innovation by taking away the 'Monopoly ' factor in the curriculum and it pertains directly…

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