Essay on Public Schools And Public School

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Stevenson said “yes” to public school.She works in public school as librarian for more than 10 years which makes her agreement much more convincing. She thinks public school is a diverse and democratic institution which will not leave any child alone. “While that may be the way of the wolves on Wall Street, we public school teachers will not abandon the lambs in our charge.”(Stvenson, 6) She draw an analogy to describe some children in private school are doing so well on their academic, however, the students in public school maybe weaken than those students in private school, but public school teachers want to protect them and are willing to see their improvements. The aim of public school is promote “the common good”by nurturing children with necessary education background, providing children with institutional support and encouraging them to reach the goal of study. She also mentioned there are a lot of work to do to change public schools, advocate performance pay, raise the bar on getting a teaching certificate which will increase the quality of teaching and also will also enhance teachers’ leader status which makes teacher’s worlds more effective. Second, Publics schools need the commitment from student’s parents, they should guide students to form the habit of reading by model reading themselves. Third, schools should release the stress of testing and contribute on self-select books in order to let students read more. Stevenson said our public schools are the…

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