Essay about Public Schooling Vs. Homeschooling

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Though homeschooling is not a new concept and has been around for many years, our nation’s ancestors believed that the nation’s democracy could be sustained with public education. The history of America has proven that there is nothing wrong with homeschooling children. Furthermore, America’s country was founded on principles of freedom and individual rights which should also extend to the education of our children. Countless people may believe that public education works for their children, although there are also others out there who feel homeschooling is the best option. Although, there can be opposing aspects to both public schooling and homeschooling, both types of education can survive and thrive side by side if allowed. Although some children are homeschooled, the skills they learn at home can teach them to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally as well as what traditional public schools can teach. Parents who have chosen to homeschool their children choose to so they can be actively involved with their children’s education and academic success in a greater capacity. Cogan (2010), provided a study of homeschooled students when it came to pre-college academics, there was a slight higher ACT-Composite score in homeschoolers compared to the overall group of students. This study came from a first term of academic studies using a certain selection of factors of different types of high schools, such as private, public and homeschoolers. Homeschoolers where then…

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