Public School Vs. Public Schools Essay

1971 Words May 6th, 2015 8 Pages
Education in public schools has been falling downhill for quite some time. Students are feeling like they are not learning anything in classes, especially in high schools. Students feel that they are just memorizing the class so they end with a passing grade. School back in the day was never like that, students back then were taught, and they learned instead of memorized. Today the government is becoming more involved in public school education and trying to add Common Core Curriculum, but all Common Core is doing is making it more difficult for students to learn and teachers to teach. Being a little kid in elementary school I thought of high school as a place where books were shoved in lockers and are used in every class, being carried around all day. I imagined that there would be stacks of notebooks, and piles of papers stuffed in backpacks. But when I finally got to high school I was rather disappointed in finding textbooks are not being used very often, libraries are mostly used for a computer lab instead of a quiet work and reading space. And most of their homework is being done online while papers are being typed instead of written. I was excited to have a good education and I thought a good education came with having books to refer to and handwritten notes; I was looking forward to that. Students could have a better education if technology wasn’t taking over and books were actually the proper way. I began to see that the homework is overwhelming with all the…

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