Public School Flaws Of Education

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Public School Flaws
“83% of Californians consider the quality of education to be at least somewhat of a problem for California schools” (Tatum).Education has always been an important aspect in society and is always trying to be improved, but in reality the quality of education in California is failing our students. Most of the problems are not based on the schools themselves, but on the amount of limited funding that schools are supplied. Trying to become an elementary teacher, I have realized that there are many problems within the school systems and in my opinion it should be changed. The question is how do we change the system to improve it instead of making it worst? Right now there is a huge focus on higher education, but the lack of quality in elementary schools is leading students to either drop out of high school, or just finish their education with a high school diploma. Not only are they lacking in quality, but the money we are spending in schools for new programs that are being created are making the school even more difficult for the children. Looking at the public school systems, I have realized that there are four major flaws in the public school system are; family situations, poverty, technology, and last but not least the teachers.
The family situation of the students makes a big difference in the way the students learn and can affect the quality of their education that the student receives. In our schools today “23.2%, highest in the nation,” (Chen) are

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