Safety Notebook Research Paper

Safety Notebook
1. Emergency Procedures
The security and welfare of students, faculty, and guests of Glendale Community College (GCC) is of major importance. The GCC Public Safety officers patrol our campuses 24/7, ensuring safe and secure learning atmosphere for students, staff, faculty and visitors.
Public Safety officers also provide traffic control, safety hazard identification, employee training and orientation, and collaboration with the Glendale Police Department when needed.
If an emergency occurs while you are at work, follow these steps:
• Decide if it is safe for you to remain where you are located. If not, leave and call for help from a safer location. Each building has a map near the elevator showing the safe way to exit or take
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If an emergency situation occurs during non-business hours (evenings and weekends), Campus Police will notify individuals in the affected buildings.
2. First Aid
The Glendale Fire Department responds to medical emergencies at Glendale Community College. You can notify the Fire Department directly by dialing 911 when there is a need for immediate medical attention. Notify Public Safety immediately after the call. The Fire Department medical team will respond to our general address. Upon arriving, they will ask to be taken to the specific building and room containing the sick/injured person. Therefore, it is important to notify Public Safety so they can assist in guiding the responding fire department medical team to the exact location of the emergency.
Whenever you observe or are informed that a student or visitor is ill or injured:
• Immediately notify Public Safety. Notify 911 followed by Public Safety in life-threatening situations. If the incident involves blood or other bodily fluids, ensure that Public Safety is provided with the
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Do not attempt to move a person who has fallen and appears to be in pain.
• Do not discuss the possible cause of the accident or any condition that may have contributed to the accident. Under no circumstances should insurance information be discussed with anyone.
• Provide the responding officer with a description of what happened after the person has been attended to and the incident is concluded.

3. Pre-Job Safety Meeting
Considered the most important meeting of any job, the meeting should provide a systematic way to identify potential hazards for a task so you can take measures to control or remove the risk. It has been proven that these meetings can prevent work-related deaths and injuries. These meetings are also a good time to set your production goals for the day, and how your crews are going to reach them safely.
The meeting must have involvement from the entire crew. This way everyone is involved in the process; it has everyone identifying hazards and everyone has ownership of the process. The process should look like this:
• Identify the job/task to be analyzed
• Identify the job steps
• Identify the job

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