Essay on Public Relationship With Law Enforcement

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The public relationship with law enforcement over the past few years has been increasing in a positive number. There are still places that suffer under problems with faulty methods of policing that are creating more issues as time goes on. We can look at a few examples of faulty policing by looking at reports from the Department of Justice, as well as other references. One of the main cities in the United States that we can look at is Baltimore, Maryland. This city as we look further into has problems with unjustified searches, seizers and arrest, mainly with African Americans in areas of concentrated disadvantage.

Thesis: in this paper I will discuss.

Subtopics A:
The Baltimore Police Department has been reported with excessive use of unconstitutional stops, searches, and arrests by police. To get to fully understand what the DOJ report is talking about we have to look at the types of policing that are the main cause of problems, the environment of the infractions. The history of Baltimore This stems from the type of policing known as “Broken Windows” Theory can also be referred to “Zero Tolerance Policy”. What exactly is “Broken Window” Theory? The simple explanation of broken windows is as stated by James Q. Wilson describes it as a “theory of community disorganization”. (Lilly, Cullen, Ball, 2011, Pages 320) If you look at a building that is abandoned or run down you will notice that the property seems to have no proper control or guardian to it. Without…

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