Essay on Public Relations With Conflict Management

2040 Words Dec 5th, 2016 9 Pages
When being in the industry of Public Relations you have to deal with “conflict management.” According to the book Public Relations Strategies and Tactics in order to help with conflict management you need to develop good communication strategies. Good communication strategies is used “to influence the course of conflicts to the benefit of the organization and, when possible, to the benefit of the organization’s many constituents.(pg 249)” A conflict management topic that is a big part of our society right now is how people feel about Donald Trump winning the election of Presidency. How to help Donald Trump with conflict management is improving his image, being proactive, and make a plan to be on better terms with everyone in our country. To get a better idea of this conflict you have to ask yourself the following who, what, when, where, why, and how? The who is there is a lot of people that are really upset that Donald Trump won the electoral college vote to win Presidency. The people are women, LGBT, then there are the people that are afraid he is going to do something reckless with our military. The what for women is because of the way he perceived himself on TV and social media on how negatively he felt about women. LGBT are worried because they are afraid that he is going to take away their rights. For when it comes to the military because he has no political background and hasn’t dealt with war before. When portion is ever since he ran for President all this…

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