Public Relations : Coca Cola, Apple, And Mcdonald 's

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Advertising companies have been known to use a variety of approaches to connect with a desired audience. These paid announcements, being quite informed on the irrational behavior of the public, utilize an array of cunning practices to garner customer loyalty. Coca-Cola, Apple, and McDonald 's are among many that exploit the explosive power of public relations. Some stunning examples of these culture-wounding practices include: altering emotional states by creating ties to a product through disinformation, connecting consumers with a product by employing widely recognized celebrities into endorsement deals, as well as objectifying the female image to coerce men and women alike into buying a product with unrealistic fantasies portrayed by media. These methods have proven time and again to work. They have only grown more complex by adapting to the public. The most troubling aspects of these adaptations reveal themselves only when taking a closer look at the relationship between the tendentious investments made by companies to elicit consumerism and the almost negligibly whispered deflection made by the public. The effect on culture that this messaging sends becomes transparent when the public ceases to be the one voicing it 's concerns or desires, and instead companies begin supplying the public with what they 've determined the public needs. This one way mirror conversation creates a rather burdensome top-down relationship with unhealthy consequences in store for everyone. In

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